COHHE, the Canadian Organization for

Hindu Heritage Education is a non-profit with the following mission, vision and goals:


To educate, promote and celebrate Hindu heritage


  • To build a societal culture where Hindu heritage is valued with equity and inclusivity.
  • To become a voice for global peace and harmony, by propagating the foundational values of Hindu Dharma.


  • To engage with diverse community members to educate and spread knowledge about Hindu Heritage, and its global contribution.
  • To share the foundational values of Hindu culture and all dharmic traditions through the celebration of Hindu Heritage Month, every year.
  • To raise awareness about Hinduphobia, hatred and racial discrimination of Hindus.
Board of Directors List
  • Ragini Sharma, PresidentDr. Ragini Sharma, PHD, MSW: President, COHHE
    In her professional life, Dr. Sharma worked for over 25 years with individuals, families and communities of diverse backgrounds to support their human dignity and economic, social and political rights. She has extensive experience working as a volunteer with seniors, immigrants and children in diverse spaces such as social services agencies, community centers and schools.Her doctoral studies were on decolonizing yoga in academia.
    Over the past 18 years, she has volunteered with the International Art of Living Foundation as a teacher of the Happiness Program, a spirituality-based wellness and health program.
    Dr. Sharma is a passionate learner and educator of Hinduism. Currently serving as Co-Chair, she was a founding member of the Hindu Heritage Month Committee of the Toronto District School Board. She has written a resource guide on Hinduism for educators and others. She also works with many other school boards and public institutions, such as the police, about inclusion and equity matters related to Hindus in Canada.Dr. Sharma has presented on Hinduism at numerous Interfaith forums. She has been a media spokesperson on Hinduism and Hinduphobia.Dr. Sharma was born in India and has lived in Canada for over 40 years.
  • Deepti Jolly
  • Ruchi Wali    Ruchi Wali is a knowledge seeker and also an IT professional. She has a Masters in Business Administration, with a work experience of close to 20 years. She has lived and worked in over 4 countries, including Bharat and Canada.She is a firm believer of Dharma and Karma. At COHHE she finds her calling of engaging with the larger Hindu Community and fulfilling her Dharma of serving the community. This role also provides her a way to do good Karma.Working for COHHE also gives her an opportunity to leave a legacy for the future generations, for them to work towards spreading awareness about the values of Hindu Dharma, global peace and harmony. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah!