COHHE is working with several school boards, including TDSB, PDSB, DDSB, to develop materials and plan for Hindu Heritage Month activities. The Ontario Govt has declared November as Hindu Heritage Month.
Please send us an email at if you have questions or would like to join our efforts as a parent, community volunteer, researcher, advisor or supporter.

Excellent Diwali Toolkit for Schools from Hindu American Foundation

All the Religions will now make entry at Grade 5 only along with an equal representation of HINDUISM. Contributions of Indian Civilization are included for the first time in Social Science. For more information contact us at
Ramayana: TDSB students speak on the importance of Ramayana, 2021 Hindu Heritage Month at TDSB
Ramayana Dance Performance by students of TDSB, 2021 Hindu Heritage Month
Hindu Heritage Month Launch at TDSB, Nov. 2019.